Thirsty Scholars

In the country of Yeats, Wilde, and Joyce, sixteen-year-old Charlie Bruno looks to escape the recent death of his parents by enrolling in a study abroad program for troubled youths. For Charlie and his fellow students, schooling goes far beyond the classroom. Lesson plans include experimentation with art, drugs, sex, nightlife, and the irrepressible desire to bleed their youth of all its inherent potential. While diligently attempting to lose his virginity, Charlie is joined by a group of adolescents similarly venturing to exorcise their innocence in hope of discovering wisdom.

Fault Lines (Coming Soon)

Fault Lines Working Cover.JPG

War plagues the West Caribbean Union, but there aren’t enough willing soldiers to deploy. With rumors of peace across the border, a military draft is implemented to keep the nation’s greatest resource – its people – under control. Fault Lines is a story about the boundaries we draw between each other, our longing to cross them, and the forces that keep us within the borders.


This epic tale is told by three citizens who navigate the grey between good and evil. General Lament – a former officer in the Union military – looks to make amends for her war crimes by leading the exodus over the border. Ezra Atun lives on a labour camp, manufacturing weapons for the Union, until being drafted. Strickland River is a widower, the father of three girls lost to the conflict, and the bounty hunter assigned to track Ezra down and deliver him to the armed forces.


Through thick jungle, baron desert, and urban squalor, Strickland pursues Ezra as he eludes a life of servitude and seeks out General Lament for her promises of escape from the Union.